Foster Application

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Foster & Rescue Experience



*Please notify your Vet’s office that an application has been submitted for fostering pets with Doghousing, Inc. Give them permission to release general information about you and your pet history to a Doghousing, Inc. representative. In addition, your signature below will also serve as giving your permission to release the aforementioned information. This is only used for verification purposes.


The Foster Dog

* The adjustment period may consist of nothing more than reminding the pet of their house manners (the stress can unsettle even the best trained dogs). It may also be much more involved and require a consistent routine, dog-proofing your house, extra walks, and a crate (to either finish crate training or as a safe, secure place for one who is already trained). Rest easy though, this period is usually brief and we are here to help you through it! We do this every time a rescued dog comes in. It is a normal part of the process.


References – 2 Required


I understand that any Doghousing, Inc. foster animal may be removed from my home at any time with or without reason by or on the authority of Doghousing, Inc.’s Administrators. I understand that Doghousing, Inc.’s foster animals do not belong to me or my family. I understand that should I want to adopt a Doghousing, Inc. foster animal, it will be at the sole discretion of the Licensed Rescue represented by Doghousing, Inc.

I am aware there is no guarantee, warranty or full knowledge of any rescued pet’s health and temperament. I volunteer to accept the rescued animal in my charge as a humanitarian act and agree to release and hold harmless Doghousing, Inc. and all Licensed Rescues represented by Doghousing, Inc., from any and all liability or responsibility in connection with any pet(s) I agree to foster.

I hereby agree that any money (adoptions or general donations) that I collect or receive on behalf of Doghousing, Inc. and all Licensed Rescues represented by Doghousing, Inc. will be turned over to the Licensed Rescue represented by Doghousing, Inc. I hereby certify that I am in good standing with the local rescue groups and veterinarians. I agree to uphold a professional relationship with every contact I have through Doghousing, Inc. including, but not limited to vet clinics, distributors, potential adopters, other volunteers of Doghousing, Inc, and other rescues. Furthermore, I promise that I will not conduct myself in a manner which could reflect badly on Doghousing, Inc. or any Doghousing, Inc. representatives. Lastly, I certify that I am at least 18 years of age and a legal US citizen. I agree to include a photocopy of my current’ driver’s license for verification purposes. I understand that this will be kept confidential and not given out to any other parties.