About Us

Doghousing, Inc. is a non-profit organization in the State of Missouri.  We are a group of dedicated animal rescuers that know the importance of foster homes in the fight to save the lives of at-risk dogs in an area that has many high-kill animal shelters.


While there are many Licensed Rescues in the Kansas City area that pull dogs from the shelters, their space is limited.


That is where Doghousing, Inc. steps in! Our mission is to get the word out to people (not necessarily involved in the “rescue industry”-because that is a very hard place to be) that can help. It could be short-term foster for a dog being transported to rescue out-of-state, or an ill dog that needs a safe place to rest and recover, to an Urgent dog that has to get out of the shelter to save their life.


Doghousing, Inc.:

  • Maintains a list of available fosters with their specifications of what will or will not work for them.  When a Licensed Rescue has a need for a foster in a given situation, they will contact Doghousing, Inc. to make a request.
  • Provides fosters for Licensed Rescues that have taken the fosterdog into their program. The medical care and adoption of the fosterdogs is the responsibility of each Rescue.
  • Is a social group!  The coming together of dog lovers who know that even one dog at a time can make a huge difference.  Come visit our Facebook page and share stories, pictures, tears of joy and how fostering has enriched your life.  I know that it will….


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