For Our Fosters:

We are the bridge

Those words are the reason I’m able to foster. And those words are the reason I am able to be passionate about what Doghousing, Inc. can accomplish. The most important “bridge” is of course, the bridge from at-risk, scared, neglected unwanted dogs to the life with a family that they all deserve. I cross back over that bridge alone every single time I drop off a foster at their new home. I always take one more look back and see the dog looking back too. At that point, I feel they think I have abandoned them again. With time I know that look was a “thank you for getting me where I’m supposed to go”. (You’ll have to trust me on that until you experience it)

But that isn’t the only bridge here. We are also a bridge to the public. To people that want to help and don’t know how, who don’t know fostering is even an option, or don’t know how to get started. I used to be the kind of person that didn’t want to know that dogs and cats were dying. I thought if I didn’t know then it didn’t exist. Doghousing, Inc. can be that bridge too. A means of finding out how to help whether it is one dog a year or one dog a month, without being involved in the rescue world that is so so hard. -a bridge

Thirdly, we are the bridge from rescues to the public. Rescues have the toughest job to do. By providing fosters Doghousing, Inc. will free up time and energy for the rescues to concentrate on saving dogs. We’re not here to change anyone’s rescue or judge how any rescue is run. We are the bridge.

So as we are signing up more fosters and supporting them through this most rewarding of experiences, helping more and more dogs and rescues alike, you will often hear me say…
“We are the bridge”

–Lori Beam, Founder of Doghousing, Inc.